Wait... Why?

Who am I and why am I doing this? Although I may be asking myself these exact same questions, I’ll try a genuine answer for you:

  • I believe templates are a great way to get your hands on a tool, learn about design through someone else’s eyes, or simply get something done fast.
  • I believe in sharing (knowledge, skills, happiness, love...). I believe that Open Source can empower people. I experienced it first hand (read on). But I also know that ideals shine like bright stars on a cloudless night and then fade out if they operate in a vacuum, i.e. if they are disconnected from reality.
  • I feel indebted to all those who have contributed to make Scribus over the years. This is a way for me to say thanks and contribute in my own way.

My name is Norbert and I live in France. I started Scribus Templates in early 2018 because (i) I had some time after completing my Ph.D. and (ii) I wanted to test myself in doing something new and see where it would lead me. Yes, things like that do happen in real life!

Scribus is a great open source software that has helped me over the years

Although it’s rhetorical, I’ve not always been where I am today... I graduated in political science and used to work for an international organisation in Geneva. I liked my job. It was hard work but I always had the feeling I was contributing to something greater than myself. The truth about working in big, depersonalised institutions on a day-to-day basis though is that people are mean to each other. I was bullied and, back then, I did not know how to protect myself. At the same time, the person I loved the most left me and that broke not only my heart but my entire self.

I went back to university and started a thesis. I felt empowered. I felt the world anew. But all of my savings dwindled in the first year. That’s when somebody that I now call a friend hired me for an important publishing work. At this point, I only had a basic introductory course to Scribus at university. It was daunting but, the truth is, I enjoyed it! I read the FLOSS manual, scoured the forum for specific issues, and after a couple of weeks my first magazine design was out.

It was so exciting! And the feedback I received was enthusiastic. However, I remember that awkward moment when the person in charge of printing the document (a.k.a. the printer) sighed as I told him that I had used Scribus... Looking back, I believe the roots of my project are there. But not only. Five years and a number of projects later, Scribus has helped me sustain a living and discover the things that I enjoy doing. I decided that it was time for me to give back. That translated into creating (i) free, (ii) user friendly and hopefully (iii) beautiful templates. After initial feedbacks, the idea of a platform was born.

The rest of the story will be written with you. Yes with you. If you’ve read this far, then, yes. With. YOU 🙂 Take the leap of faith and share your templates too!