Scribus 1.4.x Dark Icons

Unless specific projects (e.g. RTL writing systems) or other processing requirements not available in the stable release, my go-to version of Scribus is the 1.4.x build for familiarity and, well, stability. However, I do like the icons of the 1.5.x series so I used this little hack to enjoy the same look and feel in the 1.4.x series. I thought you may be interested too... 😉


  1. Go to the share folder of your Scribus 1.4.x Program Files (e.g. in Windows: C:\Program Files\Scribus 1.4.7\share).
  2. Rename the icons folder into icons_DEFAULT.
  3. Download and unzip this file.
  4. Move the unzipped icons folder to the share folder.
  5. That’s it! Open Scribus and enjoy a whole new UI experience!

This procedure is not disruptive and can be reversed at any time (see the Uninstallation instructions in the .zip file).